custom metal bending

Erick industries can meet specification needs for most residential or commercial projects. We bend aluminum, copper and steel in-house. Our efforts to reduce lead times and have the metal ready when you need it make us a good choice. Our capability is not just limited to straight bends but we also fabricate drain boxes, cone flashings and most custom designs you bring to us.



We produce the most popular skylight found throughout the Philadelphia area. Our skylights feature 26g galvanized steel, machined precision stamped parts which are assembled and hand welded to achieve complete watertight integrity. All components are metal, including the steel cast wheel assembly and chain. The units come with obscure hammered wire glass to not only ensure privacy and safety but also provide ample daylight. Make sure your skylight is an Erick skylight. You can depend on our skylights to last. Don’t be fooled by other suppliers’ versions lacking our quality.


roof deicing products

The last thing you need this Winter is damage to your roof. Dambuster Deicer products are a cost-effective solution for keeping ice away and your roof in great condition throughout the year! Keeping ice in its place and off of yours.


Welcome to Erick Industries

Erick Industries has been manufacturing quality metal accessories for exterior building product suppliers since the 1960s. We service the distribution community selling to contractors.

Our row-home skylights are hand-welded and feature hammer-wired glass, all-metal parts of 26-gauge steel and a cast iron wheel with chain. Skylight parts are precision machine cut. They are made to last and have been used by satisfied customers on area roofs for generations.

We also perform custom metal bending and shearing for many customers with favorable lead times and quotations. We use only quality materials in our manufacturing process. Our custom capabilities include roof scuppers, down-tubes, wall copings, trims and flashings. We also offer “on premise” welding services.

We have added Dambusters to our product line. These roof deicers are installed to resist ice damming. The build-up of ice where water needs to drain from a roof can result in serious and costly exterior and interior damage to a building structure. Complete information about Dambusters can be found at